Only A Dog EH!! Without him there would be NO Premium Pet Products & No Pet Lodge Superstore. I’d have had less to impress my wife with when we first met, so maybe NO WIFE & NO KIDS. The list goes on. I’m not the only one who has had that special pal who has being pivotal to really good stuff happening.

George, Weimaraner was born 10.05.06 and left us 12.03.18. He was the reason I spent so much time in poorly equipped pet shops, giving me the realisation that I could do a better job and offer something different to cater for pets needing a little extra care.

As a result of George’s aliments and conditions, we strive to make readily available the best quality, natural products to all. The days of ignorance and lack of education in pet foods and care is coming to an end. Colouring, sugars and ridiculous bone and fish shaped biscuits will no longer be found in our pals dining bowls.

Let Them Thrive, Not Just Survive…

Premium Pet Products aims to help you worship those that worship  you. As George’s dad, I will strive to be the person he always believed me to be.  




Most frequent questions and answers

It is safe to feed them bones if they are raw, not cooked. Cooked bones have a low amount of moisture and can easily split and crack which can result in your dog choking. 

Early signs of dietary problems include:

Digestive upsets: loose motions (often getting looser over the course of the day), excessive or very smelly wind, regular vomiting (particularly after meals).

Skin/coat problems: itching, bald patches, scurfiness, excessive dandruff, constant moulting, greasy and/or smelly coat.


Runny eyes

Bad breath and/or a regular build up of plaque

Regular anal gland problems


The glycemic index is the measurement of glucose level increase from carbohydrate consumption. High glycemic index foods are digested quickly which result in high fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Low glycemic index foods are slowly digested and absorbed which results in a gradual increase in blood sugar levels and insulin levels, benefitting health.

Hypoallergenic Food simply means that the food is going to be 

less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Components that have 

a higher risk of causing an allergic reaction, include, Wheat & 



It is also worth noting that there is no such thing as puppy, junior, adult or senior food in the natural habitat. Generally adult pet food is of poorer quality and therefore would have a detrimental effect on puppies and kittens.

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