Is my pet depressed and how can I help them?

Animal brains have the same wiring as a human brain, they feel pain in the same way we do, they can grieve, and they can feel very low or disinterested with life. If your pet has a lack of interest in their environment, they are sleeping more, or they have a decrease in activity then […]

Our Top Bespoke Pet Treat Products

Every pet owner wants to give their pet the best life they can. That means giving them a healthy but exciting diet, a life full of enjoyment and a good balance of nutrients. Here are five of our favourite premium pet product brands for cats and dogs. Albion Meat Products Albion has been marketing creative, […]

Why should you adopt your next pet?

Pets can be a source of comfort, help improve your health and make a house a home. But what are the differences between adopting or buying a pet? The truth is there’s quite a few big differences. Puppy and kitten farms are used to produce a vast number of animals for maximum profit, while shelters […]

The best premium pet food for the best life

Here at Pet Lodge Superstore Leeds we know that your pets are your family, your friends, and quite often, your comfort source. That’s why we are so passionate about providing you with premium pet food to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Healthy, bespoke and natural pet food in Yorkshire needn’t cost the world […]